Litigation and Dispute Resolution


In a typically complex , high-value litigation matter , a law firm's ability to manage , review and present the extraordinary quantity of information at issue is critically important . Our broad experience permits us to provide the best possible advice across almost any and every issue that can arise in civil or criminal law suits .
Our team of seasoned experts handle diverse litigation matters . Our litigation practice covers commercial transactions , construction and real estate disputes , energy , business matters , criminal law matters , banking and insurance , shipping and martime as well as franchise litigation . We recognise our clients' needs and work towards resolving the issues .
We advise our clients that entering into adversarial litigation is not always the most appropriate manner in which to resolve a dispute . We approach litigation in a pragmatic way and encourage our clients to do likewise, focusing on sensible and achievable outcomes . We make our clients aware of the alternatives to litigation and advise them to consider the impact that potentially costly and protracted litigation would have on their business and personal life .
Our lawyers have a range of methods for resolving these disputes , whether in companies , partnerships or private or public sectors . We help many major businesses by managing their disputes and protecting their rights . We are passionate about resolving our clients' concerns and we ensure that the most sffective and time-efficient solutions are adopted .