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Ahmed Al Maazmi Advocates & Legal Consultants is a rising law firm based in Dubai with expertise in Business crime, commercial litigation, Civil & Criminal Fraud, Corporate Compliance, Banking & Finance, Debt Collection and Asset Tracing & Recovery.


We take a pride in being a law firm that not only helps to seek justice for or client but to also do so with equal fervor, compassion and humanity. We take pride in having an office culture that believes that in diversity there is unity and that is the spirit of Dubai, which serves as our edge in dealing with our clients who may not be well represented because of language barriers and financial constraints. To work not only to serve our clients but to create an atmosphere of humility and passion for social justice.


Our lawyers are also qualified with full rights of audience in several continental and common law jurisdictions (Switzerland, USA, England and Wales, France, Dubai and the DIFC, China, Hong Kong and the Netherlands). Our lawyers work in several languages (French, English, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Gujarati, Hindu/Urdu, Hebrew and Turkish).

Being multicultural, our lawyers are ideally placed to advise and represent clients both locally and globally.