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Ahmed Al Maazmi Advocates and Legal Consultants is one of the leading law firms based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It provides legal services to individuals, private and public companies and governmental sectors. Throughout the past years, we had an impressive record in completing legal services by a professional legal team consisting of a group of outstanding lawyers and consultants in most of legal fields.


Our Team performs a comprehensive and integrated package of both international and local legal services with high quality, in a professional manner and in line with the global economic, commercial, industrial, urban and technological development. To this end, they rely upon wide experience and understanding of all legal aspects in different fields, as well as understanding of the client’s various needs. Further, We cooperate with a number of specialized international, Gulf and Arab law firms.

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We firmly believe in the recognized norms of the legal profession with the utmost professional levels. Our principles are integral and indivisible. Legal Profession is one of the high-end professions that aims to protect and preserve rights, achieve justice, progress of all peoples and establish the principles of the supremacy of the law in Society. Accordingly, we believe that the client’s interest is a top priority to which we seek through our principles, exerting due efforts and providing due care to obtain the best legal results.


We fulfill our social commitment by providing training and qualification for the law students at UAE universities; therefore, we can provide a valuable opportunity for gaining a real practical experience in their area of interest in our office. We also provide them with the opportunity to participate in all relevant legal events, forums and lectures.

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Ahmed Al Maazmi Advocates and Legal Consultants has its own legal practice and approach. The main convictions of that approaach is that the practice method for the success of the lawyer is not only based on knowledge of the provisions of the laws and regulations, but also depends on the lawyer’s insightful opinion and familiarity with his business affairs to achieve and protect his client’s interest.


We follow a consistent and powerful approach not to rush to file a case on behalf of our clients. Such approach depends firstly on urging clients and their litigants to settle the disputes amicably and file the case after all possible means for amicable settlement of disputes are exhausted. The reason for that is to preserve the UAE economics, preserve investors and keep them within UAE to increase the economic development, with an ultimate goal to bring UAE to the highest global economic ranks and raise the well-being of those residing in UAE.

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  • What is behind our success is that our Team always seek to provide our clients with great respect, attention and professional follow-ups at different functional, administrative and legal levels.


  • We seek to continuously and effectively communicate with our clients to familiarize them with the last updates of their cases. We are aware about the importance of such matter; therefore, we are keen to familiarize our clients with all updates of their cases or the service we provide, and to explain the legal status at each completed stage. Thus, we build confidence with our clients.


  • We are also characterized by the professional and organizational performance. In our office, We adopt the most recent organizational and administrative practices, which can be reflected in the services provided to the client. We follow the most wonderful methodology to divide the tasks among the different departments within our Firm. Our Firm has a competent working group within each Department, varying in their job functions and degrees. We have a documentary and electronic system, which includes the clients’ information, record of their transactions with the Office and contact information. Such system has a great deal of secrecy and protection.


  • Given the widespread of the law firms in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, and the strong competition among them, we are characterized by showing a power to attract the client via many advantages. Such advantages include material ones, which is represented in deductions for the clients. Our legal fees and charges are affordable. We will explain how to calculate fees, method and frequency of invoicing. You are entitled to request and obtain a written detailed invoice from the lawyer at reasonable intervals.


  • We take care, as much as possible, of our clients’ problems before they occur. For example, we provide legal services to a number of companies operating in a particular sector. In case there was a reason for any change in such sector that cause trouble to them, we are keen on paying their attention to quickly regularize their status and do not wait for the problem to occur.


  • We are keen on providing our clients with the legal knowledge and education. We do not talk about their legal issues in the legal language, instead, we simplify, submit and present their issues as simple as possible to familiarize them with their legal status and bring the available options before them.


  • We continuously follow up our clients, even if there was an existent work with them. We work on creating a social communication with them via social media, as we firmly believe that the (Client) is the source of power and success of our business. Whenever there is professionalism in service provision and continuous communication with them, this will lead to build a great confidence that will attract more clients. Therefore, this will bring more success.

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