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Civil Transactions & Compensation

Criminal law enforcement, organisation of courts, corporate criminal liability, statutes of limitations, initiation of investigations, procedures of gathering information

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Civil Transactions & Compensation:

The Office provides legal consultancy via group of outstanding lawyers and consultants with high competency in law and specialized in all types and aspects of civil disputes, as well as the disputes related to ownership and financial claims, whether those depend on the penal judgment as a source for such civil obligation or such cases based on the civil fault or contractual breach.


Compensation cases come to the fore of cases undertook by the Office, regardless the grounds for such compensation. Further, our Office concluded contracts with insurers with great economies within UAE, which has an effect on providing the adequate practical and scientific expertise to provide our individual and corporate clients with the best solutions, enhance confidence in the legal profession, upgrade and raise its position, as it is a profession related to the humanitarian daily conditions.


In addition to our specialization in negotiating and drafting numerous forms and contracts covering various commercial transaction, our Civil, Corporate & Commercial Department is often called upon to provide advice and views on various practice areas of law, including matters related to the laws of contracts, sales, commercial transaction, commercial agencies, distributorship, franchising and commodities. We also participate in negotiations, registration of agreements and scrutiny of Import and Export documentations. Our Law firm has a separate division specialized in the sponsorship and registration of foreign company branches and offices in the UAE. Many multi-national Companies seek our assistance in this area. We also carry out the establishment and registration formalities in all UAE Free Zone Areas mainly in the incorporation and representation of off-shore companies.

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