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Maritime Commercial Disputes

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Maritime Commercial Disputes

The office has a group of specialized lawyers in the field of maritime commercial disputes related to ships, their ownership and franchising rights, the mortgage and the seizure of the ship, marine mortgage in general,  impose provisional and conservation attachment to the ships, people on ships, their rights, maritime work contracts, methods of exploitation of ships, rent, leasing, marine accidents, maritime collisions, impacts, marine and joint losses, all related to maritime disputes, procedures and compensation due to breach of obligations and others, including cases of maritime arbitration.


Maritime law of UAE is sophisticated, as the country has one of the busiest sea ports of the world in Dubai. When you are operating in the Emirates’ maritime industry, you need the assistance of seasoned maritime lawyers in UAE for any legal problems your business faces.


Our legal teams engaged in maritime law are highly competent and stay on top of the evolving legislations and regulatory requirements ordered for this industry, allowing our firm to provide clients with highly relevant advice and legal services built on up-to-date research, diligent teamwork, and years of specialized experience in the sector.


Such expertise enables us to offer our clients the very best of legal services in all matters related to maritime advisory for finance, shipping and insurance along with litigation in UAE. Committed to helping you achieve your maritime enterprise’s goals efficiently, we offer professional legal to streamline your contracts and processes along with complete arbitration and litigation solutions.


When it comes to serving clients in the industry, our team of maritime attorneys in UAE is helping clients with the following problems:

  • Ship financing and all related problems for various types of vessels(Maritime Case, Arrest of the Vessel, Seizure of a ship)
  • Contract and affreightment litigation in all levels of the judiciary courts
  • Offshore construction issues
  • Shipbuilding insurance matters
  • Global transactional shipping problems
  • And more

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